The Power of Fun, Frivolity, and Joviality in Self-Care

Fun. Frivolity. Joviality. Who cares!?

But seriously, who cares about fun, frivolity, and joviality? 

The truth is, we all would benefit from caring about these characteristics.

Recently, I was talking with one of my patients, Jane, about the importance and role of fun in one’s self-care practices. Jane made amply clear that her (scheduled) self-care practices were on point and effective.

Be-still, my linear thinking heart.

Jane – while scheduling self-care is important, practicing self-care that is FUN is equally important!

Jane, stunned, looked at me with bewilderment. “What do you mean? I have fun! I go out and just watch the neighbourhood from my front porch on the daily!”

Flat faced and sarcastically, I responded: No doubt your internal kids LOVE the scheduled playtime – just as the kids in Sound of Music did with the Baroness’s scheduling of frivolity. *Insert deadpan eyes*

“Fun, frivolity, and joviality is a critical aspect of self-care. These are the foundations of confidence, connectivity, and creativity. And you cannot, necessarily, schedule fun!”

But this conversation was also a reflective point of importance for me. When was the last time I had fun? My similarity with Jane was striking.

Subsequent to our session, I emailed Jane and shared with her a recent fiction publication I engaged with – imagine that: Finding fun, frivolity, and joviality in fiction writing! How novel! (Yes, pun intended).

“Jane – knowing how we both appreciate literature, how about you connect with at a recent fiction publication by a very creative Yukon film-maker and writer, Ms. Lulu Keating (

In her recent publication, Splinter and Shard (, Keating writes a variety of short stories that spark one’s captivation and intrigue. And sometimes, don’t we need just a little unscheduled captivation and intrigue?”

So, in addition to Jane, I encourage you – my reader – to explore the fun, frivolity, and joviality that is inherent in Keating’s recent publication. I am confident you will be captivated by her stories…maybe even you’ll be inspired to explore the northern, remote regions of Canada (i.e., Dawson City, Yukon)!

Interested in meeting Ms. Lulu Keating in person at a reading? If you are in Toronto on Wednesday, 5 June 2024, Ms. Keating is offering an in-person reading at Noonan’s Pub ( at 6:30pm EDT.

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Born and raised in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Adam gained his designations as an Ontario Registered Psychotherapist and Ontario Registered Social Worker following the completion of his master’s in counselling and psychotherapy at the University of Toronto, OISE Campus, in 2016.

Living and working in downtown Toronto, Adam spends any available time in Whitehorse and Dawson City, Yukon, while offering in-person / online video / telephone sessions from his Toronto office (Church Wellesley Counselling and Psychotherapy) and online video / telephone sessions when he is away in the Yukon.

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