Rachel Warner (she/her)

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About Rachel

Hello! I'm Rachel (she/her) and as a student therapist, I offer reduced-rate mental health services ($20 - $130 per session, based on your financial abilities) to LGBTQQ2+ folx, Indigenous populations, and people of colour. I work with clients of all ages with presenting concerns related to anxiety and depression, body issues, career challenges, gender and sexuality-related issues, religious wounds, self-esteem issues, identity issues, and societal pressures. I draw from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Feminist Therapy, Geek Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Queer Theory, and Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy. But what do all these modalities and presenting concerns mean…?

In session, you can anticipate sharing your experiences and being asked to explore your behaviours, feelings, and thoughts about these experiences. Together, we will seek to identify the stories you believe about yourself, your relationships, and the world. We will integrate a strengths-based approach to counselling so we can find exceptions to the problems you are facing and identify personal strengths you can utilize in difficult situations. By identifying personal strengths, you can begin to rewrite your life narrative(s) and find alternative solutions that will contribute to an improved quality of life.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Business from the University of Waterloo and am currently completing a Master of Arts in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy from Wilfrid Laurier University. My Master of Arts program integrates religion and spirituality into counselling. I have training in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and non-denominational spirituality. While I believe religion can be a source of healing or hurt, exploring our relationship with religion can be an important aspect to the therapeutic process. Upon graduation, I will apply for registration with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) as a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying).

Rachel's Services

Services offered through our registered charity Bridging With Support

  • 80 Minute Intake Session
  • 50 Minute Session
  • 80 Minute Session

Important note regarding patients who make sliding scale arrangements: All session payments for sliding scale appointments are by eTransfer and sent at the same time you schedule each appointment. Please send all eTransfers to i[email protected] noting my name and your session date and time. If payment is not received within 24 hours of scheduling, the appointment will be cancelled. Please contact our Clinic Director, Adam Terpstra ([email protected]), with any questions.

Rachel's Information

Cancellation Policy

When you book a session, your clinician reserves their time for you. In the event that you will be unable to keep an appointment, please notify your clinician at least 24 hours in advance, so that someone else may utilize the time. Similarly, when your clinician is unable to keep the appointment with you, they will give you more than a 24-hour notice and rebook to another date and time.

In the case whereby you are unable to provide 24-hour cancellation notice (e.g., you cancel an appointment on the day of the appointment [i.e. the same day] or do not show up for a scheduled appointment), unless for emergency reasons (e.g., medical or family emergencies), you will be charged the fee for your session and payment will be required at your next scheduled session.

Note: Employee Assistance Programs and other insurance-based programs will not reimburse you, the client, for missed appointment costs.